Bug #683


the databox is not created for blast2taxonomy main input

Added by Hervé Ménager about 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:09/20/2011
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:PersonHervé Ménager% Done:


Target version:1.0.4


When displaying the form for the program blast2taxonomy, the databox generation crashes. The form is still usable, however the databox-based functionalities (upload, pipe, reuse) are unavailable.


#1 Person Updated by Hervé Ménager about 9 years ago

the problem comes from the css selector 'form' in the javascript code of mobyle, right here:
the "form" element is not found because the test here in the PrototypeJS code:

This is because elem.nodeName is not the name of the node anymore, but the form control which has the "nodeName" name...

#2 Person Updated by Hervé Ménager about 9 years ago

This command line template can be used to check if your service definitions contain a "reserved word". The list of "reserved words" comes from MDN documentation...

xmlstarlet sel -t -m "//parameter/name[
or text()='action'
or text()='autocomplete'
or text()='elements'
or text()='encoding'
or text()='enctype'
or text()='length'
or text()='method'
or text()='name'
or text()='noValidate'
or text()='checkValidity'
or text()='dispatchFormChange'
or text()='dispatchFormInput'
or text()='item'
or text()='namedItem'
or text()='submit'
or text()='reset'
or text()='attributes'
or text()='baseURI'
or text()='baseURIObject'
or text()='childElementCount'
or text()='childNodes'
or text()='children'
or text()='classList'
or text()='className'
or text()='clientHeight'
or text()='clientLeft'
or text()='clientTop'
or text()='clientWidth'
or text()='contentEditable'
or text()='dataset'
or text()='dir'
or text()='firstChild'
or text()='firstElementChild'
or text()='id'
or text()='innerHTML'
or text()='isContentEditable'
or text()='lang'
or text()='lastChild'
or text()='lastElementChild'
or text()='localName'
or text()='name'
or text()='namespaceURI'
or text()='nextSibling'
or text()='nextElementSibling'
or text()='nodeName'
or text()='nodePrincipal'
or text()='nodeType'
or text()='nodeValue'
or text()='offsetHeight'
or text()='offsetLeft'
or text()='offsetParent'
or text()='offsetTop'
or text()='offsetWidth'
or text()='ownerDocument'
or text()='parentNode'
or text()='prefix'
or text()='previousSibling'
or text()='previousElementSibling'
or text()='schemaTypeInfo'
or text()='scrollHeight'
or text()='scrollLeft'
or text()='scrollTop'
or text()='scrollWidth'
or text()='spellcheck'
or text()='style'
or text()='tabIndex'
or text()='tagName'
or text()='textContent'
or text()='title'
or text()='addEventListener'
or text()='appendChild'
or text()='blur'
or text()='click'
or text()='cloneNode'
or text()='compareDocumentPosition'
or text()='dispatchEvent'
or text()='focus'
or text()='getAttribute'
or text()='getAttributeNS'
or text()='getAttributeNode'
or text()='getAttributeNodeNS'
or text()='getBoundingClientRect'
or text()='getClientRects'
or text()='getElementsByTagName'
or text()='getElementsByTagNameNS'
or text()='getFeature'
or text()='getUserData'
or text()='hasAttribute'
or text()='hasAttributeNS'
or text()='hasAttributes'
or text()='hasChildNodes'
or text()='insertBefore'
or text()='isDefaultNamespace'
or text()='isEqualNode'
or text()='isSameNode'
or text()='isSupported'
or text()='lookupNamespaceURI'
or text()='lookupPrefix'
or text()='mozMatchesSelector'
or text()='normalize'
or text()='querySelector'
or text()='querySelectorAll'
or text()='removeAttribute'
or text()='removeAttributeNode'
or text()='removeChild'
or text()='removeEventListener'
or text()='replaceChild'
or text()='scrollIntoView'
or text()='setAttribute'
or text()='setAttributeNS'
or text()='setAttributeNode'
or text()='setAttributeNodeNS'
or text()='setCapture'
or text()='setIdAttribute'
or text()='setIdAttributeNS'
or text()='setIdAttributeNode'
or text()='setUserData'
or text()='insertAdjacentHTML'
or text()='onbeforescriptexecute'
or text()='onafterscriptexecute'
or text()='oncopy'
or text()='oncut'
or text()='onpaste'
or text()='onbeforeunload'
or text()='onblur'
or text()='onchange'
or text()='onclick'
or text()='oncontextmenu'
or text()='ondblclick'
or text()='onfocus'
or text()='onkeydown'
or text()='onkeypress'
or text()='onkeyup'
or text()='onmousedown'
or text()='onmousemove'
or text()='onmouseout'
or text()='onmouseover'
or text()='onmouseup'
or text()='onresize'
or text()='onscroll'
]" -n -v "concat('program: ', /program/head/name, ', parameter:',text())"  *.xml

#3 Person Updated by Hervé Ménager about 9 years ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 100
  • Status changed from Assigned to Resolved

fixed by r3896, documented by r3897.

#4 Person Updated by Hervé Ménager almost 9 years ago

  • Target version changed from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4
  • Status changed from Resolved to Assigned

mobyle.sch is switched back in 1.0 branch:
parameter name restriction is turned off until we can switch completely emboss to "clean parameter names"
see r3923.

#5 Person Updated by Hervé Ménager almost 9 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Resolved

pasteur-programs XML description corrected accordingly.

#6 Person Updated by Hervé Ménager almost 9 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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