PersonBiblioList: Project is closed

Added by Emmanuel Quevillon over 7 years ago

This project is closed. There is no dev anymore.

Avatar?id=1139&size=24reorder-align: reorder-align has been moved

Added by Bertrand Néron over 8 years ago

reorder-align has been moved to

PersonMobyle: Mobyle 1.5.3 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 8 years ago

This release mainly fixes the following issues:
  • results sometimes do not display in the portal when a running job finishes,
  • job results pages sometimes display twice the resultboxes.
Additionally, two new command line tools are now available:
  • mob_stat, a script that provides basic statistics about portal usage,
  • mob_log_rotate, a script to rotate and compress Mobyle logs.

Avatar?id=1139&size=24extend-align: extend-align has been moved

Added by Bertrand Néron over 8 years ago

extend-align has been moved to

Avatar?id=1139&size=24blast2usa: blast2usa is dead long live blast2seqids

Added by Bertrand Néron over 8 years ago

blast2usa is not maintained any longer, it is superseded by blas2seqids (

PersonMobyle: Mobyle 1.5.2 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 8 years ago

This release fixes the following issues:

  1. When program parameters have example data but no comment, the [use example data] button does not work.
  2. Error when submitting workflows that run tasks with multiple inputs
  3. The status of the jobs with a return code != 0
    is never updated so they are stuck in submitted, pending, running, ...
  4. Inline help is not displayed when coded in HTML
  5. Add User-set per-job email notification for job completion

PersonBioMaj @ Pasteur: BioMaj set up

Added by Emmanuel Quevillon over 8 years ago

A new data banks (EMBL, Genbank, ...) management tool will be installed and deployed by the CIB on Institut Pasteur's infrastructure. This new tool (BioMaj) will allow to acces all information about an individual bank installed (version, size, available formats, etc...) through its rich web interface (

This install will take place January 13th at 12.00 am. Therefore, all running jobs using these data banks will be killed in order to allow
easy install of the new tool.

Avatar?id=1139&size=24Mobyle: Mobyle 1.5.1 release is available

Added by Bertrand Néron about 9 years ago

  1. New converters for Alignment formats.
  2. BMPS: bug fix in workflows update, and display of default values
  3. Portal: many bug fix on the portal
  4. Execution server: BMPS job error
  5. update documentation

PersonMobyle: Mobyle 1.5.0 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 9 years ago

  • Advanced workspace management: a way for users to easily rename their important jobs or data and remove the others;
  • Multiple data: services can now accept an arbitrary number of files for the same input;
  • Custom tutorials: it is now possible to control the tutorials, create new ones and publish them to document the services of your own server;
  • BMPS: users can now create their own workflows using BCBB Mobyle Pipeline System, and reuse them across successive analyses in the Mobyle portal.

It is available here:

WARNING: this version is only compatible with the latest version of squizz, which you can download here:

Don't forget to update it!

for more details see source:/tags/release_1_5_0/NEWS

PersonMobyle: Mobyle workshop - slides available

Added by Hervé Ménager almost 10 years ago

The slides from the Mobyle presentation and administration training session are now publicly available. You can find them on Slideshare:
Mobyle presentations

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Also available in: Atom