PersonMobyle and MobyleNet at ISMB 2010 and BOSC 2010

Mark your calendars for Mobyle events at ISMB 2010!
Added by Hervé Ménager about 10 years ago

A delegation of the Mobyle development team will attend the ISMB conference in Boston and the BOSC 2010 Satellite Meeting.
We will be presenting, among other things the up and coming features of the Mobyle system, as well as the MobyleNet initiative.
You can meet us there:
- Friday Jul. 6th, 5:10pm, Mobyle Bioinformatics Web Portal: project update at BOSC.
- Monday, Jul. 12th, 11:45pm, Mobyle: An integrated bioinformatics platform for performing web-based analyses, Technology Track no 18.
- Sunday, Jul 11th, 12:40 p.m.-2:30 p.m, Mobyle Platform: Bioinformatics applications from command-line to web-based workflows and services Poster.
- Monday, Jul 12th, 12:40 p.m.-2:30 p.m, MobyleNet: user-centered large spectrum service integration over distributed sites, Poster.

If you are also planning to attend, and would like to meet with us, in order to give us feedback about Mobyle, you can send us an e-mail ( and ), so we can schedule a meeting. We will be happy to gather your comments and requests.


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