PersonMobyle 1.0 is now publicly available

It is our pleasure to announce the release of Mobyle v1.0, which includes many new features.
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It is our pleasure to announce the release of Mobyle v1.0.
This version includes many new features, listed below (this list is not exhaustive).
Before to update an existing version, please read carefully the UPDATE instructions.
  • Viewers: viewers offer the possibility to visualize data in the Mobyle portal
    using web-compatible components, to provide a more readable representation.
    For instance, multiple alignments can be visualized with Jalview, Protein 3D
    structures can be visualized with JMol, RNA Secondary structures with VARNA, or
    phylogenetic trees with Archaeopteryx.
  • Workflows (beta): Mobyle services chainings can now be automated by providing
    predefined workflows.
  • Many portal improvements, including the possibility to customize your welcome page
    and user workspace management interfaces that facilitate the visualization and cleanup
    of user jobs and data.
  • A new plugin-like architecture for the converter modules: you can associate
    to each data type and format a validator/converter module, that will detect,
    validate and convert the format of user data when appropriate.
  • The execution system has been rewritten to be highly flexible:
    Mobyle now supports new DRMs, including LSF (via the DRMAA API). It is also
    possible to manage multiple execution configurations, allowing for instance
    to send jobs to different DRMs based on your needs.
  • OpenID support: you can now configure Mobyle to let users authenticate themselves
    using OpenID, in order for them to avoid the management of a new Mobyle-specific
  • Google Analytics support: you can configure Mobyle to track users
    activity with a Google Analytics account.


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