PersonMobyle 1.0.5 release available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 7 years ago

Mobyle 1.0.5 is out! It contains a number of new features and improvements, such as:
  • the possibility to display only "simple" parameters by default, and toggle between simple and advanced forms. "Modified" parameter values are also outlined in the portal.
  • the possibility to display a "progress report", updated even during the execution of the tool to give users detailed and program-specific information about the status of the job.
  • the maximum number of "similar" running jobs is now completely configurable.
    A more detailed list of the changes is available here:

The latest release of the Viewers , v1.0.1, updates the components themselves, and packages them directly in the distribution archive, to simplify the installation process. The edition features added to the Mobyle codebase now allow you to edit your alignments and phylogenetic trees directly in Mobyle using jalview/archaeopteryx, and even to take snapshots of the phylogenetic trees!

All of these releases are available here: