Avatar?id=1139&size=24Mobyle 1.0.6 release is available

Mobyle 1.0.6 is out! It fix small bugs appeared in 1.0.5
Added by Bertrand NĂ©ron over 8 years ago

for more details see source:/tags/release_1_0_6/NEWS

Warning: The service descriptions validation rules have changed in version 1.0.6: the attribute
issimple is now (since 1.0.5) used to display a parameter in the simple version of the submission form.
From v1.0.6 on, we add some rules of validation to prevent the publication of programs which have
mandatory parameters without default value nor precondition attached and do not have the issimple attribute.
(for more details see: source:/tags/release_1_0_6/UPDATE)

Note that a new release of programs (Programs-4.0.tgz) compliant with these new validation rules is available on