PersonMobyle presentation and administration training session

Added by Hervé Ménager over 7 years ago

Hi everyone,

We (the Mobyle team) will be hosting a Mobyle seminar on september 28th, at the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), with financial support from the GDR BIM. The foreseen schedule is the following:

• the morning will be dedicated to an outline of the current and future possibilities of Mobyle, with an emphasis on the newest features and related tools. It is open to anyone in charge of bioinformatics service portals, or interrested by this domain,

• the afternoon will focus on a "hands-on" training session for Mobyle server administrators, including:
◦ the setup of the portal,
◦ the configuration, including the presentation of useful but seldom-used functionalities,
◦ the maintenance (users and data management, troubleshooting, etc.),
◦ the integration of new "command line" tools in the portal (use of the BMID tool).
◦ the import of remote tools (MobyleNet functionnalities).

This event is open and free, however for logistics reasons registration is required. Additionally, the number of participants for the training session is limited. Financial support for these participants (limited to 100€) can be provided for travel and lodging expenses). If you wish to participate, please make sure you register on

The Mobyle Team