PersonMobyle 1.5.0 release is available

Mobyle 1.5.0 is out! It includes many improvements.
Added by Hervé Ménager over 9 years ago

  • Advanced workspace management: a way for users to easily rename their important jobs or data and remove the others;
  • Multiple data: services can now accept an arbitrary number of files for the same input;
  • Custom tutorials: it is now possible to control the tutorials, create new ones and publish them to document the services of your own server;
  • BMPS: users can now create their own workflows using BCBB Mobyle Pipeline System, and reuse them across successive analyses in the Mobyle portal.

It is available here:

WARNING: this version is only compatible with the latest version of squizz, which you can download here:

Don't forget to update it!

for more details see source:/tags/release_1_5_0/NEWS