PersonMobyle Opal: 0.1 Beta delivery (1 comment)

Added by Olivier Sallou about 12 years ago

The converter between Mobyle and Opal Toolkit formats is available. It is a Beta release. We will wait for bug reports and more usage for a GA delivery.
It is however stable and use on a production system.

Avatar?id=1139&size=24Mobyle: Mobyle 0.97.2 (1 comment)

Added by Bertrand Néron about 12 years ago

we have published a new release of Mobyle (0.97.2) which fixes some bugs.
These corrections are available here: Changes between versions.
This version is available at

PersonMobyle: Mobyle and MobyleNet at ISMB 2010 and BOSC 2010 (1 comment)

Added by Hervé Ménager about 12 years ago

A delegation of the Mobyle development team will attend the ISMB conference in Boston and the BOSC 2010 Satellite Meeting.
We will be presenting, among other things the up and coming features of the Mobyle system, as well as the MobyleNet initiative.
You can meet us there:
- Friday Jul. 6th, 5:10pm, Mobyle Bioinformatics Web Portal: project update at BOSC.
- Monday, Jul. 12th, 11:45pm, Mobyle: An integrated bioinformatics platform for performing web-based analyses, Technology Track no 18.
- Sunday, Jul 11th, 12:40 p.m.-2:30 p.m, Mobyle Platform: Bioinformatics applications from command-line to web-based workflows and services Poster.
- Monday, Jul 12th, 12:40 p.m.-2:30 p.m, MobyleNet: user-centered large spectrum service integration over distributed sites, Poster.

If you are also planning to attend, and would like to meet with us, in order to give us feedback about Mobyle, you can send us an e-mail ( and ), so we can schedule a meeting. We will be happy to gather your comments and requests.

PersonMobyle: New website: official launch (1 comment)

Added by Hervé Ménager over 12 years ago

We are glad to announce that we have migrated the Mobyle project to a new website, that provides an access to the previous contents, but also provides new functionalities (svn access, news, issues list, etc.). This new website is powered by Redmine. Feel free to explore it and send us your feedback:

The Mobyle Development Team

PersonMobyle: Mobyle 0.97 - 11/23/2009 (1 comment)

Added by Sandrine Larroudé almost 13 years ago

Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to announce the release of the new version of Mobyle, 0.97 ( available at ).

  • fix small numerous bugs.
  • new documentation in Doc/Admin about Mobyle configuration.
  • mobyle is ready to use with python 2.6.
  • duplicate job submission prevented (2 jobs with identical command lines and parameter values cannot run at the same time from the same user).
  • the logging system has been improved.
  • a new plugin-like architecture for the execution modules.
  • job status management is improved to be more robust and consistent with respect to the different execution systems.
  • we now offer the possibility to create links to pre-loaded Mobyle forms from external pages: it allows web application developers to directly link their independent database or tools to Mobyle.
  • an "advanced settings" option in the programs list allows to sort programs either by server or by category (servers mixed), which can be more appropriate if using the MobyleNet functionnality.
  • some administrative tools(mobclean & mobdeploy) have been improved.

If you update from a previous installed 0.96.x version keep in mind to merge manually Local/*.py with Local/*

If you experience any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us at .


The Mobyle Development Team.

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