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This project is not under development anymore. It is closed!

About BiblioList

While more and more genome sequencing projects are initiated, scientists like and want to get rapid access to new infos. Most of the time, data from sequenced genomes are firstly processed to deliver the genome structure and thus identify genes and their function(s). However, most of such websites, of a very few, don't provide infos about associated litterature link to a particular or bunch of genes. This what BiblioList© is made for.

  • What is BiblioList
    BiblioList© is a web application which is attended to manage literature about a particular (pro/eu)karyote organism(s) (several organism can live in BiblioList© database at the same time). BiblioList© automatically links organism's genes to the litterature and make it viewable through its web interface (See screen shots). At this point curator can manage the literature by keeping or deleting link made between a gene and a publication. The user can also add its own litterature. Once curation's done, the publication set can be exported to another database to populate and improve gene(s) annotation.
  • What is not BiblioList
    As BiblioList© is a database which is made to manage litterature for an annotated organism, its goal is not to be an interface open worldwide, but more an internal tool for curator working with organism annotation. It more like a intermediate tool to help organism(s) annotation. However, as this application can also manage users and their rights, it can be configured to be only viewable by public.


  • Literature management through a web interface.
  • Automatic update of publications.
  • User control access.
  • Group management.
  • Easy connection and export to remote database (e.g.: for annotation)

And many more in the next future ...

  • See our BiblioList data flow to get an overview on how BiblioList works.
  • To understand the internal functionality of BiblioList, please check it.

Who is it for?

BiblioList is made for scientists working on organism(s) annotation that want to increase automatic annotation (genomic and/or functional) with literature.
See our User guide to get an overview of what BiblioList is.

Where can I use BiblioList?

BiblioList has its own web site (click for demo). However, you can install your own BiblioList application at home. You can download BiblioList here.
See our Administration guide to install BiblioList.

Administrators and developers

NOTE: This application is still under active development and contains bugs and misses some features.
If you want to contribute to BilioList project development, check BiblioList download.