The mobyle2opal program is a conversion tool between the Mobyle ( mobyle and the Opal Toolkit ( opal) formats.
It is a Java (1.5+) program that automatically convert the xml description files:
  • from Mobyle to Opal
  • from Opal to Mobyle

This tool has been tested with a few test cases, but will certainly not reflect all usages and should be considered as an helper to create skeletons and ease files creation, not as an 100% automatic app too.
Basic tools (without dependencies between tags) conversion should be 100% automatic. With dependencies, manual operations will be required after conversion.


The code is stable and has been tested on the GenOuest platform with a few tools. However, it should be considered as a Beta delivery. We expect bug reports and usage information to improve it and fix possible remaining bugs before delivering an official GA version.


java -jar mobyle2opal-0.1.jar -h

Options m2o and o2m select the conversion orientation.
Basically, it takes an input xml file and outputs a new one in selected format.


This is not a universal conversion, e.g. not all data will be correctly transformed.
However, it will create the skeleton of each tool from input data and should transform completly "basic" tools.

For Opal to Mobyle conversion, the generated file must be adapted. While tags, code etc.. will be generated, the "display" of the tool should be customized.
This is done by adding paragraphs etc.. to group data for example. Such information cannot be taken from input Opal file (which does not require a display).
The tool takes care to specify all input/outputs tags with the best type according to its definition. Only display related data should be customized.


The tool does not manage all cases, here are a few exceptions:
  • when the tool cannot convert a tag, it will log a message about the tag. Then it can be manually added in generated file.
  • sometimes a warning message will be displayed to inform that the tool selected a type of data (a radio button group for example) while an other option is possible. Then it is possible to change the type later on after deeper analysis.
  • Opal validation controls code will not be taken into account
  • Mobyle preconditions code will not be taken into account.