Person Mobyle 1.5.3 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 8 years ago

This release mainly fixes the following issues:
  • results sometimes do not display in the portal when a running job finishes,
  • job results pages sometimes display twice the resultboxes.
Additionally, two new command line tools are now available:
  • mob_stat, a script that provides basic statistics about portal usage,
  • mob_log_rotate, a script to rotate and compress Mobyle logs.

Person Mobyle 1.5.2 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 8 years ago

This release fixes the following issues:

  1. When program parameters have example data but no comment, the [use example data] button does not work.
  2. Error when submitting workflows that run tasks with multiple inputs
  3. The status of the jobs with a return code != 0
    is never updated so they are stuck in submitted, pending, running, ...
  4. Inline help is not displayed when coded in HTML
  5. Add User-set per-job email notification for job completion

Avatar?id=1139&size=24 Mobyle 1.5.1 release is available

Added by Bertrand Néron about 9 years ago

  1. New converters for Alignment formats.
  2. BMPS: bug fix in workflows update, and display of default values
  3. Portal: many bug fix on the portal
  4. Execution server: BMPS job error
  5. update documentation

Person Mobyle 1.5.0 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 9 years ago

  • Advanced workspace management: a way for users to easily rename their important jobs or data and remove the others;
  • Multiple data: services can now accept an arbitrary number of files for the same input;
  • Custom tutorials: it is now possible to control the tutorials, create new ones and publish them to document the services of your own server;
  • BMPS: users can now create their own workflows using BCBB Mobyle Pipeline System, and reuse them across successive analyses in the Mobyle portal.

It is available here:

WARNING: this version is only compatible with the latest version of squizz, which you can download here:

Don't forget to update it!

for more details see source:/tags/release_1_5_0/NEWS

Person Mobyle workshop - slides available

Added by Hervé Ménager almost 10 years ago

The slides from the Mobyle presentation and administration training session are now publicly available. You can find them on Slideshare:
Mobyle presentations

Person Mobyle presentation and administration training session

Added by Hervé Ménager about 10 years ago

Hi everyone,

We (the Mobyle team) will be hosting a Mobyle seminar on september 28th, at the Institut Pasteur (Paris, France), with financial support from the GDR BIM. The foreseen schedule is the following:

• the morning will be dedicated to an outline of the current and future possibilities of Mobyle, with an emphasis on the newest features and related tools. It is open to anyone in charge of bioinformatics service portals, or interrested by this domain,

• the afternoon will focus on a "hands-on" training session for Mobyle server administrators, including:
◦ the setup of the portal,
◦ the configuration, including the presentation of useful but seldom-used functionalities,
◦ the maintenance (users and data management, troubleshooting, etc.),
◦ the integration of new "command line" tools in the portal (use of the BMID tool).
◦ the import of remote tools (MobyleNet functionnalities).

This event is open and free, however for logistics reasons registration is required. Additionally, the number of participants for the training session is limited. Financial support for these participants (limited to 100€) can be provided for travel and lodging expenses). If you wish to participate, please make sure you register on

The Mobyle Team

Person Mobyle 1.0.7 release is available

Added by Hervé Ménager about 10 years ago

for more details see source:/tags/release_1_0_7/NEWS

Avatar?id=1139&size=24 Mobyle 1.0.6 release is available

Added by Bertrand Néron over 10 years ago

for more details see source:/tags/release_1_0_6/NEWS

Warning: The service descriptions validation rules have changed in version 1.0.6: the attribute
issimple is now (since 1.0.5) used to display a parameter in the simple version of the submission form.
From v1.0.6 on, we add some rules of validation to prevent the publication of programs which have
mandatory parameters without default value nor precondition attached and do not have the issimple attribute.
(for more details see: source:/tags/release_1_0_6/UPDATE)

Note that a new release of programs (Programs-4.0.tgz) compliant with these new validation rules is available on

Person Mobyle 1.0.5 release available

Added by Hervé Ménager over 10 years ago

Mobyle 1.0.5 is out! It contains a number of new features and improvements, such as:
  • the possibility to display only "simple" parameters by default, and toggle between simple and advanced forms. "Modified" parameter values are also outlined in the portal.
  • the possibility to display a "progress report", updated even during the execution of the tool to give users detailed and program-specific information about the status of the job.
  • the maximum number of "similar" running jobs is now completely configurable.
    A more detailed list of the changes is available here:

The latest release of the Viewers , v1.0.1, updates the components themselves, and packages them directly in the distribution archive, to simplify the installation process. The edition features added to the Mobyle codebase now allow you to edit your alignments and phylogenetic trees directly in Mobyle using jalview/archaeopteryx, and even to take snapshots of the phylogenetic trees!

All of these releases are available here:

Avatar?id=1139&size=24 Mobyle 1.0.4 release available

Added by Bertrand Néron almost 11 years ago

We released Mobyle version 1.0.4. This version contains bugfixes, as well as a few improvements.
be careful, the service descriptions validation rules have changed to correct some bugs in the portal interface (see UPDATE file before updating to 1.0.4).
A more detailed list of the changes is available here:

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