Mobyle Related projects


MobyleNet is a joint project between several french bioinformatics platforms that aims at:
  • Integrate into a single web portal framework (Mobyle) the services of the different nodes.
  • Initiate a large application spectrum framework, covering complementary aspects of the bioinformatics.
  • Making the services of the different sites interoperable.
  • Build a confidence network over the specific skills of each platform, promoting quality management over the services.

More information about MobyleNet project can be found here .


playmoby is a framework developed by the Laboratoire des Interactions Plantes Micro-organismes (INRA Toulouse) to deploy BioMOBY webservices. Playmoby uses the Mobyle program definition to describe the service to deploy.


Swami, The Next Generation Biology Workbench is a free resource for research and education in Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Phylogenetics. The NGBW is a re-engineering of the Biology Workbench which was designed by Shankar Subramaniam and his group to provide an integrated environment where tools, user data, and public data resources can be easily accessed.
Swami uses Pise xml descriptions of biological software interfaces and will use Mobyle xml descriptions in a near future.