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Toggle_check Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
Mobyle NIAID03/13/2013Jennifer DommerDevelopmentBug #1622: BMPS: Application form pop-up displays error instead of loading panel14.00
Mobyle NIAID02/25/2013Vivek GopalanDevelopmentFeature #1386: BMID: Provide selection menu of file types in Attributes PanelUpdated with more description1.00
BiblioList06/21/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentFeature #429: Edit privileges1.50
BiblioList06/21/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentFeature #407: Organism management1.00
BiblioList06/17/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentBug #405: Gene description coloration0.50
BiblioList06/17/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentBug #402: Relevance when updating gene2.00
BiblioList02/14/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentBug #400: Gene / Publication deletionReplaced 'find' to 'search' method0.20
BiblioList02/14/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentBug #399: Group deletionJust a wrong scenario when calling SQL commands0.30
BiblioList02/14/2011Emmanuel QuevillonDevelopmentBug #410: Add pmid to gene errorFixed2.00


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